Saying goodbye to a pet that has been your loving companion for years can be the most difficult situation a person will ever confront. However, there are times when a pet’s condition will deteriorate to a point where even the best veterinary care can no longer provide them with a reasonable quality of life. Euthanasia is always the last resort, but if necessary, it is a humane way to allow your pet to pass peacefully and painlessly.

At Commonwealth Veterinary Hospital, we always anesthetize our patients before injecting them with the final drug. This guarantees that the process will be smooth, peaceful, and painless. It also allows you, the human companion, more options in this difficult moment. You can remain with your pet through the entire process, or you can be present only until the anesthesia has allowed your pet to fall deeply asleep, and leave your veterinarian to complete the procedure. We understand that the decision to let your beloved pet go is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever have to make, and it is our great privilege to help you through this stage in your pet’s life in any way we can.