Our doctors have decades of surgical experience and keep up to date on the latest advancements in surgical techniques and anesthesia. Common surgeries performed at CVH include:

  • Spays and Neuters
  • Tumor removal and biopsy
  • Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Bladder and urogential surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Eye and eyelid surgery


Commonwealth Veterinary Hospital also offers CO2 laser surgery for certain procedures, which has been shown to cause less swelling, faster healing and reduced pain during recovery.

We are as serious about your pet’s safety during surgical procedures as your own doctor would be about yours. Some of the ways we keep your pet safe and comfortable during surgery include:

State Of The Art Anesthesia and Monitoring

At Commonwealth Veterinary Hospital, we take great care to make sure your pet is anesthetized safely and for the minimum amount of time necessary to undergo surgery. Our doctors’ advanced anesthesia training, and our hospital’s broad spectrum of anesthetic medications, allow us to tailor an anesthetic protocol to your pet’s specific needs based on their age and any preexisting medical conditions. In addition, your pet will be assigned a highly trained veterinary technician to monitor anesthesia throughout their procedure. We are equipped with EKG, pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring to keep your pet safe during surgery.

Pain Management

At Commonwealth Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to ensuring that your pet's pain and anxiety are kept to a minimum. We utilize pain management strategies that include oral and injectable medications prior to, during, and after surgery, and take pride in providing the most healing and soothing environment possible.